2017 Aviation & Career Camps

Southern Maryland Aviation & Career Camp 2017

In the 2017 effort, Remnant Center of Excellence will expand its Southern Maryland Aviation & Career Camp effort to Prince George’s County, MD.  In addition, to its Calvert County- Camp A [July 10-14, 2017] which will be held with our partner affiliation, the Calvert County Baptist Church, Remnant is also working its Prince George’s Camp B [July 24-28, 2017] with Power of Redemption Ministries, in Clinton, MD.  Each camp will be uniquely designed to fit the needs of the community, with a full week of field trips, exhibits, career lessons, and hands-on experiences in the field of aviation and space research- along with lots of fun.  There will be featured speakers who’ll share expertise on aviation and developing long and sustaining professional careers.

POC email: aviationcamp2017@remnantcenterofexcellence.org

Camp A (Final Itinerary- July 05, 2017)
Camp A Application


Camp B (Final Itinerary- July 23, 2017)
Camp B Application