Citizen Advisory Committee to the Calvert County School Board

The Citizen Advisory Committee (2016-2017) to the Calvert County School Board is a group of community citizens who meet throughout the school year to address pressing system-wide school issues. Over the last several years, the Committee has tackled the county’s Academic Achievement Gap issues, After School Transportation, and Proper Student Nutrition to name a few efforts.

This year the issues to study were Minority  and Special Education Student Teachers hires and retention.  At the onset, the issues seemed to be a question of intent and intensity of effort, however after a number of presentations on exactly how the school system is taking on thee challenging issues- the picture has become clear.

Remnant Center of Excellence’s CEO and Chairman, Col (Retired) Will Wiggins presents the findings of the Citizen Advisory Committee year-long study on minority hiring in the Calvert County Public School district to the Board of Education.  Read media reporting on the event at CAC Calvert Recorder report. 

To find the original report, see Calvert County Public Schools, Board of Education, Citizen Advisory Committee tab: