Reflections on Calvert County’s State of the County Schools Report

On January 28, 2016, I attended the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce luncheon where Calvert County School Superintendent Dr. Dan Curry presented a report on “State of the Calvert County Public Schools” which by all estimates was refreshingly optimistic and upbeat.  In fact, I believe it was truly a compliment to the staff and their efforts to maintain high standards of accomplishments in Calvert schools.  With a high school graduation rate over 94 percent, the school  systems is highly ranked  statewide.  I was also impressed with Curry’s report on school maintenance which also ranks very high.

Yet, however optimistic Curry’s overall report was, there was one area of continuing concern and that is the state of minority achievement (African Americans in particular) in Calvert County schools. The disaggregated data on African American students points to a need to look more closely at how well minorities students are faring in Calvert.

In his presentation, Curry reported that one of his goals and that of the Board of Education’s was to ensure minority kids see people just like themselves in the schools.  However, today the majority of African Americans in the Calvert school system are not teachers and professionals, but the highly valued and much needed support staff.  It’s ironic that they are represented within the schools at about 13 percent of the staff which is very closely to the county’s African Americans demographic number.  While, African American professional and teacher staff are represented at around six percent- less than half of its county demographic.  See Figure I. below which illustrates the low number of minority teachers in Calvert and the limited capacity to add more minorities on Calvert’s staff.

Figure I. Calvert County Demographics versus the Actual Teacher’ Staffing

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